Consideration of Complaints

When a complaint has been filed with the Complaints Board on the special complaints form, it is submitted to the company against which the complaint has been filed. After this the consumer has the opportunity to comment on the company’s reply to the complaint. The Secretariat usually fixes a time-limit of 14 days for such a reply/comments. If said reply/comments fail to appear, the matter can be settled according to the facts of the case.

The Complaints Board may obtain opinions from experts for its consideration of the complaint.

The Secretariat of the Complaints Board may attempt to reach a compromise between the parties before the complaint is considered by the Complaints Board.

The Complaints Board may reject a complaint that is deemed unsuitable for consideration by the Complaints Board, e.g. due to the fact that the consumer cannot prove his right.

When all information about the case is available, the complaint is considered at a meeting in the Complaints Board. The Complaints Board usually holds a meeting once a month. The decisions of the Board are communicated in writing to the consumer and the company about which the complaint has been filed. The decisions are available to the public, except for the identity of the consumer.