Complaints fee
When a complaint is filed with the Complaints Board, the consumer must pay a fee of DKK 170,-. If the Complaints Board upholds the consumer’s contention, the company against which the complaint has been filed returns the fee to the consumer.

If you wish to pay by credit card, please go to this page on shop.horesta.dk. When you enter the side for credit card payment the shown amount is only DKK 136,-. During the payment process VAT will be added, thus the total amount will be DKK 170,-.

If you wish to pay by bank transfer, please find information below.

The account number is:
Registration no.              : 4366
Account no.                   : 3362 218 748
Name of Bank                  : Danske Bank
Adress                        : Flakhaven 1, DK-5100  Odense C, Denmark
Swift- BIC                    : DABADKKK
IBAN                          : DK0530003362218748

Please BE AWARE, that by use of bank transfer an amount of dkk. 100,- of the total payment of dkk. 170,- will be withheld by the bank as fee for the payment transaction. Such fee is to be paid by the complainant, thus we encourage you to pay the fee by credit card, since no fee is deducted by payment with a credit card.

General fees
Businessmen who continuously contribute to the running of the Complaint Board through their membership of the branch association HORESTA do not have to pay for the treatment of a case.

When a case is to be treated companies which do not continuously contribute to the running of the Complaint Board must pay costs at DKK 3.000,- and if the case is settled the costs are DKK 1.000,-.